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Aisha and Katherine 

About A i s h a

Aisha is in Girls Write Now because she wants to introduce herself to different medias and create powerful pieces. She is passionate about many medias of art such as photography, fashion design, and writing.  From the South Bronx, she currently attends The High School of Art and Design for fashion and photography. By attending this program, she hopes to find my true passion. In the future, she wants to advance her skill-set and learn how to use different medias of art. Right now, she is on a journey to find her "Great Perhaps"(thanks to the book "Looking for Alaska" by John Green) and is planning on traveling the world.

About k a t h e r i n e

Kate is a social media manager with experience in digital content strategy, building and executing multi-channel social programs, working with sponsored content, and community management. She is experienced in training employees in social media competence through her freelance consulting work, and has assisted a variety of businesses with pre- and post-launch social media strategy.

As a writer and editor, her work has appeared on,,,,,,,, and, and in Trump, The 100 Thousand Club, Worth, Elite Traveler and Vintage magazines.

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