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by Aisha Dia

About Moments

Have you ever experienced a moment that has changed your life forever? This poem was inspired by all the amazing experiences I've had this year that brought me happiness and taught me many life lessons. It represents my best work in the program this year since it reflects on all the things I learned this year and shows what inspired me to even continue on furthering a digital media career for myself.


This whole process began when I was drafting the poem in my journal, and once I had the poem written down it was time to convert it into an audio story. I spent my time focusing on the tone of my voice and deciding which song to use in the background. I used Voice Memo, Google, Youtube and Audacity to create the final audio file.

The time you felt the most powerful

One of my most favorite memories from this past year was when we went to the New Museum, that day was basically the day I "found myself." Tucked away in a corner looking at photographs, Aisha lit up with new ideas. After that day, witnessing the diverse mindsets of many artists I realized how curious I am when it comes to the world, and that there are amazing opportunities in this city that I need to take. We found the power of connecting women and artists across generations in this city, all of us sharing knowledge, letting creativity inspire creativity.

MomentsAisha Dia
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