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Sukie and Denise 

About s u k i e

Sukie Chen lives in Brooklyn and currently attends the Brooklyn Technical High School as a senior. As a first year mentee, she is still new to GWN but hopes to contribute as much as she can. Though she is a writer, she first identifies herself as a daydreamer. Sukie likes to be creative and use visuals to tell her stories. She loves illustrating and mainly uses clip studio paint or markers. Sukie would like to study animation and wants to improve on style, expression, and any ways that could enrich her storytelling

About d e n i s e

Denise Paik is an experience designer at Method, a design studio that integrates brand, product, and service experiences. Her work has focused on mobile products, across different industries including media, healthcare and hospitality. She is also a new media artist, exploring the themes of technology, society, and futurology through digital media. Denise was born in Argentina and moved to the US to attend the University of Virginia, where she graduated with Highest Distinction.

click on image to view Sukie's work

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