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About the beary family

The beary family is a collection of bears that originated from food and their human friend, a small girl who aims to take over the family bakery. This website, the virtual home of the bearies will define and brand my creativity and self. That is my best work of the program.


Throughout the course of Girls Write Now, I have explored a variety of mediums in storytelling. In this realm of creating, I wanted to create a base for my original characters. Before I started this program I had only ideas in my mind that would represent me in my works but over the year I have completed its character design and background story so that it would be more interesting. Due to my obsession with food and cute things the beary family were born. With elements I have learned in workshops and with my mentor, such as graphic design and writing in general, this virtual home for my characters, that is the website that brands me, will be my qwerty project.

The time you felt the most powerful

My time of one hour per week to discuss with my mentor about the works and life in general was what made me speak my thoughts out. In other words, that was just me screeching how cuteness could take over the world. In an ordinary day I would scribble and doodle nonsense but such nonsense could transition into a piece and with each piece a collection of what I could call my works is born. Cute is my religion but I could take my passion to the girls write now community like the retard I am but it's great.

by sukie chen

the beary family

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