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Rong and Jessica 

About r o n g

Rong Luo was born and raised in China until the age of 14. She grew up with her lovely family and a positive attitude toward life. But she could never imagine that immigrating to the United States would be such an important turning point. Being a first generation immigrant and knowing no English turned her into an outsider. This made her lose all confidence about herself. Things didn't go well until she met her first literary teacher, in 10th grade. This teacher asked her to write a memoir. It was the very first time that Rong started to think deeply about her experiences and decided to turn them into a long piece of writing. With this chance, Rong realized it was actually meaningful to experience all the difficulties she had gone through. She became more brave, strong, and independent. Now, Rong is a first-year mentee of the Girls Write Now team, and wants to use her voice to talk about believing in yourself, because each individual voice matters.

About j e s s i c a

Jessica Felleman is first year mentor with GWN. She has an MFA in Writing from The California Institute of the Arts, and works as an Editorial Associate at Foundry Literary & Media. She has completed one novel, and is at work on her second. She has been published on TROP and on the Black Clock Blog.

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