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About fashion martini

In this video, I became Fashion Martini and gave people makeup advice. I always watch YouTube videos at home, but I never imagined myself to be like those YouTubers because you have to be brave to publicly put yourself in front of a camera, and logical and organized about what you want to share. I thought I was nothing like that because I was too shy, too embarrassed about my accent, and got nervous too easily. But I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to prove to myself that if other people could do it, I could do it too.


Meeting Jessica at a chocolate shop was a magical start to creating my script. We sat down to talk about what we wanted the video to look like, then we started to work on the script, and we also created a shot list about how we should film it. After that, I started the most fun part, the actual shooting, the time when I got to use my imagination and just go with what I wanted to say. Finally, we used YouTube to edit this video.

The time you felt the most powerful

At the end of the year, we now feel the most powerful when we sit down together and talk about our writing. Starting our meetings with freewriting sessions and sharing that writing with each other, even if it’s not perfect, has brought us closer together and brought out ideas that we’re excited to talk about. Some of our favorite moments were when we wrote scripts, especially when building moments that contained humor. Laughter and humor are the things that brought us closest together. 

by rong luo

fashion martini

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