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Jacquelineand Ashley 

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Thom currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a freshman in Stuyvesant High School and the Girls Write Now DMP program. Jacqueline likes to read, listen to music, and play Assassin's Creed constantly. She hopes to make a career in the sci-fi film industry by writing fiction that she wants to read. Her poetry has been published twice by Scholastic and her other works are on Wattpad and AllPoetry. 

About a s h l e y

Ashley is an educational media designer at Tinybop, an award-winning studio which produced The Robot Factory, Apple’s 2015 iPad App of the Year. At Tinybop, her desk is usually covered in stacks of books about plants, machines, or weather. Research informs sketches then wireframes. Nitty gritty conversations with the Tinybop team follow, as they collaborate to design interactions that turn real world systems into playful, interactive models for kids. When not designing curriculum or drafting handbooks for Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library Apps, she can be found taking notes while kids play test prototypes. Her designs are deeply responsive to the ways kids play. At home, Ashley can be found watching films (current favs are A Brighter Summer Day and Mustang), deciding whether it’s time to get another bookshelf, writing chapters in her sci-fi epic, tinkering with Unity, and reading as much of the internet as she can while waiting for her cookies to bake.

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