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About Doing Stufffffff!!!

Hello, listeners. Energized by my interest in film and radio, my brain formulated the very first episode of the podcast, Doing STUFFFFFFF! Please repeat the title now except in a foreboding and commanding voice. Good, good. This is an exploration of not only a career but also what it means to find a story and pursue it and transform a faraway tale into a modern moving picture that YOU, the listener can absorb into your body and decipher.


I used my rad writing skills and the help of my mentor to find someone to interview for my podcast. I grilled the interviewee Annelise, a media producer at Vice, with flaming hot questions concerning the uproar over fake news, all of which she handled most excellently. This whole project developed from an earlier essay that I wrote about fake news and what it means to confront and identify it. After recording everything on Audacity, I edited furiously on my battery-drained laptop to reduce the annoying background noise, including a door that didn’t know how to shut properly and a printer that talked too much to itself. I learned a lot about the time-consuming editing process that went into fixing up just one audio recording. Thank you, Annelise, for teaching me so much and for being such a cool lady

The time you felt the most powerful

In the moment, writing doesn’t always feel powerful.
But meeting at mid-year, we reflected on a new friendship and all that we had done together. Like the first ranting slam poem we worked on, or the wild sitcom script about a character having a very tough day. It’s not easy to express yourself and put your own words out there.
A problem many writers have with their craft is immediately going into the details. Literalness does not reach the same depths inchoate vagueness does. Removed from the minutiae of writing, we could both better appreciate the mysteries of writing.

by jacqueline thom


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