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Havi and Janie 

About h a v i

Havi Pham is a young sophomore at Vanguard High School. This was her first year as a Girls Write Now mentee. Havi aspires to learn more about developing stories and soaking inspiration in the company of fellow writers. She is partners in crime with night time comedian, Janie Stolar. Havi spends most of her time enjoying sci fi/mystery books and is a music enthusiast.

About j a n i e

Janie Stolar is a comedy writer and performer based in LA. She is a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where she improvised on Harold Night and co-created "The Female Gaze," a monthly parody of "The View" with over 14 female panelists. Janie is a contributor to "Billy On The Street" and Reductress. She has created #content for "The High Court" on Comedy Central, Benefit Cosmetics, Sony, KIND and Pepsi. Her acting credits include MTV's "Girl Code" and "The Middle Of The Night Show," HBO's "Crashing," and ads for Fast Company, Benefit and GE.  She received her comedy training at UCB, The Magnet and Second City. She loves TV.

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