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by Havi Pham

About Better

There is a point in one's life that may seem hard, but always know that there is something more than the present. A short poem turned song about feeling out of place in the present, knowing that there is so much of the world to be found and made better. This poem was written in the hopes that there is always a change of sequence in life that will make everything okay, greater than what is now.


Creating a song is something that I always liked to do but never thought I could. It was not until that I learned more about formatting in poetry that I began to add little bits of my guitar playing into the poem for rhythm. Words simply fell into place.

The time you felt the most powerful

Being with Janie has given me the power to find so much more inspiration in the world around me. There are so many writing endeavors that we passed through together. Always, we learn from each other whether that be a new style of brain storming or just knowing that your words matter and are definitely being listened to. The laughter that we shared has definitely been the inspiration that pushes me to write.

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