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Glafira    and kim 

About g l a f i r a

Glafira currently attends the Institute for Collaborative Education. Glafira's free time revolves around neuroscience, writing and wandering the city with her friends. Glafira is inspired by Jenny Slate, Greta Gerwig, George Carlin, Winona Ryder, Louis Armstrong, Otis Blackwell, Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller and Louis C.K. She also hopes to marry John Cusack one day. Her favorite movies include Jules and Jim, Mistress America, and the Obvious Child. Glafira enjoys: meditating, swimming in lakes, hanging out with her friends, swinging, exploring nature and walking around in parks. Glafira speaks Russian and lives in Manhattan.

About k i m

Kim Thai is a writer and producer. She is currently at MTV, overseeing development for original content across all platforms. In addition, she writes and produces her own projects and consults companies on digital strategy and content development. She has written for almost 10 years, with 5 years of editorial and reporting experience, including (but not limited to) USA Today, the Associated Press, Fortune Magazine and for major publications throughout Texas. In her career, she has won several awards for her reporting and marketing, including two Shorty Awards and a Webby.

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