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About In the right way

Feeling stuck has always been something that I've had problems with. Nothing too severe, but the feeling always seems to be there. I’ve always thought that all of our decisions are simply the culmination of our ancestry, genome, and environment, and we simply have no say in our decisions. And so in this video, I told a poem I had written titled “you have to give up in the right way.” I repeat the title over and over, trying to make concrete the idea that I don't have control, and I must not wrangle with that. 


In feeling stuck with my writing, I chose to write a poem about how in order to live less rigidly and in need of order, I must give in to the chaos and give up my need for order. In writing this poem, I thought it would be interesting to watch the visuals of the poem unfold, and so I created a seemingly chaotic video in iMovie to go along with it. In the background, I played the theme song of "transparent" because that's always been a tune that I listen to when the world is comically overdoing its chaos.

The time you felt the most powerful

I felt the most powerful in my writing when I told Kim I wanted to write a screenplay. I thought it was a little bit of silly idea, and that it was too much for me to even try to take on, but Kim told me let's do it! It made me feel like I really could do it which was a really nice moment for me. I have no problem starting projects, but finishing them to the end has always been an issue, and I'm proud of how far I've been able to go with screenplay we're working on.

In the right way

by Glafira shanabrook

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