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bird free no ai

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About Bird Free No Ai

DO YOU LIKE BIRDS? DO YOU WANT TO DATE FAN-SERVICE CHARACTERS? Then this is NOT the game for you! Jump into the game as you attempt wooing 3 different characters! Tobii, the hunk with a deeper past, Bubblegum, the chipper class representative with mysterious injuries or Memu, a childish girl with unusual disappearances! Find out the secrets, heartache and yaoi hands in another shitposting gone awry by Blake Coniglio! Inspired at 2am when a game called Hatoful Boyfriend ended with rage and led to the birth of this interactive romance centered visual novel; BIRD FREE NO AI! In Stores Never.


Bird Free No Ai was created using my own pre-existing characters and the jovial concept of "What If I Could Date Them?" After playing an infuriating game which is most likely a joke - Hatoful Boyfriend - I decided to create the half-serious half-shitpost baby that came from Google Drive and the cheap ink on my arms into this world, with Dr. Twine delivering this hot plate of an anime-based game and then promptly Lion King'ing it. Utilizing Twine from a former workshop, I made the game as best as my scattered thought process could. I hope you enjoy this quirky visual novel!

The time you felt the most powerful

Julia lets my stories float, like little starships in the milky way sea. Blake has the best way with words, says the most hilarious things, then creates the most beautiful jewel-like sentences in the next breath. Julia gave me a chance, like a small flicker of hope that grew into a bonfire. She keeps me going and creating as many stories as my weird lanky fingers can weave. Blake gets up in every workshop and performs - whether a poem, or sharing a thought; she is so brave, and a creative leader to everyone. God I Wish I'd Stop Crying.

by veronica coniglio

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