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About The Tale of the Union Fare Croissants

The Tale of the Union Fare Croissants is a fun one. It's not just about eating croissants, but about looking at them, smelling them, tasting them, and about how Union Fare creates the ultimate Saturday in New York experience. We wanted to do something a bit different from what everyone else was doing, and Tiffanie had this idea of doing a photo essay that incorporated both writing and digital skills. We looked for places in the city we could go that felt quintessentially New York, and had opportunities to take compelling photos. We wanted the photos to feel as fun and interesting as the market is, and a photo essay was the coolest way to present our story.


After Tiffanie decided on a photo essay format, we did some research into places in New York that we hadn't been before. What places had a cool story to tell? We decided on Union Fare because it sold creative food that photographed well—they make red velvet croissants, to be exact. We used a few different skills during the process, including taking photos and interviewing sources. We liked the idea of telling a story like a journalist would, and about a subject that was fun.

The time you felt the most powerful

Tiffanie felt the most powerful when she was interviewing someone she didn't know. In New York City, it's not hard to start a conversation with someone, but it's always nerve-racking to talk to a stranger. Teamwork helped us be powerful here. Christine asked some questions while Tiffanie took notes, and then Tiffanie asked follow-up questions to improve the story. Tiffanie had never interviewed someone before, and Union Fare was a new place for us both. Together, we were able to have a fun but informative interview with Shanelle.

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