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About for you

This project is an audio poem and an interactive map that represents my relationship with my father and how he inspires me to keep going when I feel like giving up. Although my father passed away i still believe that he is with me guiding the way. The interactive map shows the good times and memories that will never be forgotten. I believe that this piece is my best work of the year because it came from the heart and I was inspired to expresses how I feel about myself and how I portray my father.


When writing my poem I wrote what came to mind which included my insecurities. Then I tried to balance out the bad with the good by including my father who helped me to look past my self doubts. When adding the music I decided to make the background noise peaceful so that it would flow more easily to my poem. My interactive map was inspired by my mentor and I think that showing my most memorable places with my father made my poem more realistic and it made it easier to show how much of a positive impact he had on me.

The time you felt the most powerful

The time I felt most powerful was when I wrote a poem about a girl who had been taken advantage of her whole life. I felt powerful because I was able to write about real life events that a lot people are not willing to talk about. One thing I know that as women we have all experienced is inequality, and because I can relate to that I feel like I was able to execute my poem so that someone who has been through that hardship can relate to it and maybe get the courage to speak about it.

by ski'la richardson

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