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About instanerd

This is my Instagram Account, thenerdyscribbler. I really love to create: I draw, write and code a lot and I am now trying to develop a portfolio for myself and my work, so I decided to create an Instagram account. It is full of my art, characters and animations, but the star of my Instagram page is my newest twine game! Please enjoy and follow me for more of my nerdy creations!


I had to do a portfolio for City College to get into the major I wanted and I had to do a lot of pieces. Throughout that project, I got to spend more time drawing and creating and I fell in love with it even more, so I wanted to put up my work to show people. I started off with Tumblr, but now I'm moving to Instagram because that's where all the artists are. I used different programs like Adobe Photoshop and Animate as well as Paint Tool Sai and then just my sketches and pencil/pen drawings. I also used HTML and CSS for my game. It was a fun and exciting process and I am really pleased with how it came out.

The time you felt the most powerful

The time we felt most powerful was when we got to know each other more. What was so funny about us being together was that we had always sat next each other and knew what we looked like, just with different pairs. We got together because of a Twine game that I made and we're gonna end our final year at Girls Write Now with one. It has been a really fun experience working together and hanging out at a bubble tea place for our weekly meetings and we really made memories together.

by nyasiah colón

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