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About michelle chen

My project is a professional website with my artist’s statement, a blog-in-progress, information about me, and a contact form. I was inspired when I realized that I was quickly about to become an adult, from noticing that younger people began to look to me for leadership to realizing that new opportunities were open to me such as traveling alone to other countries and going to college. This website is my best work because it improved my self-esteem and I hope to use it to empower other young writers by introducing them to opportunities and my own experiences with young ambition.


Creating this project was exciting because I’ve wanted to make a website for a long time yet never had the skills or motivation before participating in the Digital Media Program. The idea originated as a way to promote my writing because I was already publishing and selling it sporadically, but then expanded into helping other young writers access opportunities and develop artistic courage. I used the platform WIX to create, design, and organize the website’s pages, buttons, and links, and wrote my artist’s statement. The process was fun and fulfilling and I hope to keep updating my website and blog!

The time you felt the most powerful

Being with Janie has given me the power to find so much more inspiration in the world around me. There are so many writing endeavors that we passed through together. Always, we learn from each other whether that be a new style of brain storming or just knowing that your words matter and are definitely being listened to. The laughter that we shared has definitely been the inspiration that pushes me to write.

by michelle chen

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