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About time vs. reality vs. my thoughts

I was initially inspired by the YouTube video “The Colour Bandits” of KickthePJ acting out a poem. I decided to make my own video of myself reading poetry. Instead of acting it out, I filmed clips of my surroundings to go along with the poem. I also decided to include music to incorporate my musical knowledge into my piece, as this is a multimedia project. 


Writing the poem was the first and least complicated part of my process. It was fun to collect clips of the city and my friends. I took videos while on buses, visiting relatives in the hospital, and even in the train station. At the time I was filming, I was listening to the British rock band Queen, and I was interested in how they layered tracks. I played the keyboard, then the guitar, then read the poem, and finally combined it into one track. This whole process, as alien to me as it was, was truly enjoyable because I got to incorporate several things I love doing.

The time you felt the most powerful

The first DMP workshop of the year was a turning point for us, as it helped us break out of our comfort zones. We were both new to the program, still relative strangers to each other, and we didn’t yet know how the other wrote or expressed herself through writing. The first workshop, where we wrote and recorded slam poetry, forced us to share our thoughts and personalities. Seeing each other more clearly helped us realize how, through writing, we can share our inner lives and connect to one another, and this made us feel powerful.

by Maxx carr

Time vs. Reality vs. My Thoughts

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