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About hey it's me

This piece was inspired by my desire to be upfront about who I am as a person, and grow from the experiences that shaped me. It is a short film that focuses on a phone call to a figure of depression. It represents my work the best because I have learned to speak my voice in Girls Write Now, and this piece is the most personal and open I have ever been. I want to be able to move past this, taking pride in my growth and how the people around me help me take control of who I am.


This idea came from looking back at all the times my friends and I had and being so grateful that they helped me when I was at the worst point in my life. I wanted to go back and tell my depression that it did not define me. In finding places to shoot with my friends, I had the most fun of my life. I realized how much they made me appreciate life and wanted to share that. It was when the cameras were off that I began to see how much having GWN support me in this meant.

The time you felt the most powerful

I felt the most powerful in my writing when I wrote about society and the effect it has on me. My mentor has helped me tremendously in getting my voice heard and not being afraid of saying what I want to say without restraining myself because of criticism. I felt as if I could finally make a difference in, if not the world, but in the community of people around me.

by malika panjabi

hey it's me

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