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About Ars Poetica

I'm a writer. It's my job to wrap important events into words like small Christmas presents. It wasn't long until I found myself lingering on the beauty of everyday life. The beauty that can be seen a million times over and never dull. Here's my writing about writing. Ars poetica, even if it is subliminal.


It wasn't an idea that hit me from nowhere, no. It required a lot of time because I knew the foundation of this project would be a video with a voiceover on top and some audio underneath. I was clueless regarding content, except I've always wanted to write about my writing - explain to others that when I'm alone basking in the dark of the night, these lines just flood my mind. I can never hold onto words for too long unless I focus, which is why writing at night is optimal. Somehow everything fell into place.

The time you felt the most powerful

When I brainstorm with my mentor and say whatever is floating through my head, she builds off of my ideas and I adore that because when people who think alike are together, they polarize. And since we're both creative people—when we're together, our artistic abilities complement one another perfectly. This has such an intensifying effect. Like limbs on a tree, we seem to start somewhere and branch out much further than where we began. This makes my voice even more powerful than it already is. This powerful moment occurs quite often when I'm with my mentor. :)

by Madhurie parasram

Ars Poetica

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