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About Causes of Suffering

This is a story I wrote during chemistry class. I don't know what came over me.. maybe it was the sulfur we were burning but it gave me the idea to write this story. It's written in a diary format, it does have some heavy topics in it too, but someone needs to write about it...


I used Twine to format the story. I guess the idea came from things I hear/see on the news and social media.

The time you felt the most powerful

I felt most powerful standing up to my super patriotic math teacher, who said that the right protest was only for adults. He made it seem like teenagers don't have their right to share their opinions with the world. Miriam supported me by allowing me to rant and giving me advice about how to deal with situations like these. Miriam is just a great mentor overall. I am able to talk to her all the time, and we do have silly moments where we are just laughing at something silly...

by Khalilah Wise

Causes of Suffering

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