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About Meat Eater's Dilemma

The skit illustrates the way people try to change themselves in order to fit in with their peers or romantic interests by using a unique and humorous situation. As a person who likes both a burger and a cute guy, this piece was really reflective of that dilemma. I consider this to be my best work in the program because it best encapsulates my sense of humor and awkwardness in romantic situations. I hope to continue writing these types of scripts in the future.


This is idea came from my mom and I first figuring out which tofu to buy. I then pitched the idea to my mentor, Kady, and started writing and planning it scene by scene. Then, with her help, I shot and directed it at Girls Write Now. Finally, to edit and polish it we used YouTube’s video creator. The process of creating this piece was a new experience for me because I had never gone through the process of making a video before.

The time you felt the most powerful

KAYLA: I felt the most powerful with my mentor on Election Day. We both were shaken but still met up anyway. That day was hard for me for obvious reasons but it was the first time I had seen every adult be as scared I was. However, meeting with Kady and talking working through the confusion together was extremely helpful. 

KADY: That was a turning point in Kayla’s writing. We talked about her writing and sense of humor as a form of resistance and she’s put that energy into all of her projects, which I think is incredible.

by Kayla McCarthy

Meat Eater's Dilemma

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