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About My Sister & I

This project is about the relationship between me and my sister. We might not get along all the time but we will always have a strong bond. I decided to do a video about it because usually we barely acknowledge that the other is around because we are too busy focusing on the electronics around us. This represents my work in DMP this year because it shows all the things I am capable of when I put my mind to it; without this program teaching me about digital media I would have never have become the writer I am today. 


I decided I wanted to do something that reminded me of when I was younger. This took a lot of time; there were a lot of ups and downs to go through when making this video. At times if my sister didn't say something I was comfortable with, I would freak out and Kara would say something like "Calm down, I feel like it is better not to direct your sister, maybe it would have a better flow." This really calmed me down because I do not want to be known as the girl who gets everything her way.

The time you felt the most powerful

We feel powerful when we work together and express ourselves. We can both be impatient at times, but working together we make a team that can execute even our most ambitious creative visions. We collaborated to use this final QWERTY project as an opportunity to tell the story of Kaelah's closeness with her sister Kerryn, which Kara noticed was one of Kaelah's greatest strengths when the three of them worked together on Kaelah's mockumentary project. Kaelah is powerful as a talented writer and director, and also as a kind and caring sister and friend.

by kaelah blades

My Sister & I

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