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Weird and Beautiful and Suffering.

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About Weird and Beautiful and Suffering.

For my project, I decided to incorporate two of my favorite hobbies: photography and writing. My poems are inspired by my writing and vice versa. I also chose to use photographs from my Peru trip because that is where I felt most inspired by the people. Not only that, but my poems cover a range of emotions that a teenage girl or boy feels, specifically in New York City


The process my project included making sure my photos and poems went hand in hand. I wanted the poems and the poems to tell a story combined and to do this, I put images to my words and words to my images. A lot of my process was emotion due to this year being an emotional one for me and I wanted my work to reflect what has been going on in my mind.

The time you felt the most powerful

I felt most powerful in my writing when my mentor helped me with my Scholastic piece. Not only did I win an award but one of the pieces, "Never Enough" was a piece me and my mentor worked on the most. I felt a certain connection with her when working on it because it is a story we both related to as women of color in this society. In addition, winning the award allowed me to take pride in my writing and I saw a glimpse of what I am capable of in the future.

by jaden davis

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