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Teresa and Christy

About t e r e s a

Teresa Mettela is currently a junior at Townsend Harris High School. Throughout her education, her parents have always encouraged her towards a career as a medical professional. Many close to Teresa -- friends, family, and relatives -- have sought to pursue this type of work. However, while she admires their decision to do so, the sciences have never been her passion. Yet, she still tried to incorporate aspects of science into her daily routine because she saw the sciences as an educational outlet. She joined her school’s robotics team, the Steel Hawks, and now she occupies the position of Social Media Director on the executive board. The team competes in competitions around New York City and has even gone to the World Championships in 2012. Recently, she decided to explore the literary world and found herself getting involved in her school newspaper, the Classic. Here, Teresa got the opportunity to explore various aspects of journalism while writing monthly articles. Branching out from the school newspaper she delved into poetry, finding the words flowing so easily from mind to paper. Happy for discovering a genuine pleasure and nervous about abandoning her parents’ dream of her becoming doctor, she applied for the Girls Write Now Mentee Program. From this program she hopes to gain a space to share her work with a supportive community while also receiving feedback from someone more experienced than her. Who knows? Perhaps after this program, a medical journalist won’t sound half-bad.

About c h r i s t Y

Christy O'Shoney is a writer and creative consultant living in NYC. She provides unconventional tools to help individuals grow in confidence & creativity.

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