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"Recollection" is an animated video about a girl maturing after facing various internal and external problems from her childhood. Through the animation, music, and sound effects, I aimed to fully express the story from all angles and perspectives with a greater depth, so that the happy ending my character finds becomes much more meaningful for my audience. Overall, my story’s theme is “finding light in the middle of darkness”.


My QWERTY project connects the dots between my Girls Write Now and individual pieces, to illustrate a creative and inspiring story about a girl growing up and seeing the real world after facing various obstacles. To fully demonstrate this, I chose to use animation, sound effects, and music (Beethoven's “Moonlight Sonata”; Meixsell’s “Allemande”; Yiruma’s “River Flows In You”; Yokoyama’s “Again”) that I researched online. I then arranged them with my story as I created and edited MP4 and MP3 pieces, before putting them onto my final Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow. Finally, I exported it as a 5:07 minute video.

The time you felt the most powerful

I used to question my ability and talent in writing, which made my voice get smaller, and my will to express myself weaker. However, I’ve changed, thanks my awesome mentor Julie. Cheesy and bubbly, she was very understanding of my introversion and gave me advice. She has supported me so much, when I was facing adulthood while developing diverse styles of writing and communication, that my words naturally accumulated strength during our meetings, in my DMP pieces, and beyond. Thus, I felt most powerful when I challenged myself to become unafraid of change in my writing, under her mentoring.

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