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The Process

by caroline lin

About The Process

As unbelievable, heart shattering, and satisfying as it is, high school is ending for me. Since I have changed so much over the past four years, this website serves as a reflection on how I developed as a writer. I included samples of my writing, from poems and creative pieces to personal and expository pieces. My fascination with photographing and capturing various aspects of the complex city has grown during the past two years. As a result, I chose to explore Chinatown, an area that incorporates my Asian heritage with a splash of American modifications.


I shuffled through a pile of papers and binders from my 9th grade Humanities Class to my 12th grade Bondage and Freedom seminar. After choosing which pieces best represented my writing, I reread them several times and reflected on how they differed. Meanwhile, during meetings with my mentor, we decided to focus on one neighborhood in New York City before I left for college—little did I know that I would actually be staying in the city. Soon after, I learned about WordPress during a workshop at the New School. Finally, I combined all of these separate projects.

The time you felt the most powerful

Our voices are heard when there is silence, when there is pen ink splattered across my journal, when the printer cartridge explodes on a page. We learn about each other with an on-going journal that details our current lives and reflects on the past. Meanwhile, we experiment with different genres—trying, revising, and discovering. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a portfolio piece and seeing the culmination of all of our efforts. From writing a sit-com script about a bee to making a zine about Coney Island, each piece becomes an enjoyable journey that allows our ideas to be heard.

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