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Lissa and Olivia 

About l i s s a

Lissa Sangree-Calabrese is first-year mentee at Girls Write Now. She is a senior at NYC iSchool and is from Kensington, Brooklyn. Lissa is passionate about writing and is moved by the ability a writer has to construct whole worlds in a matter of sentences; to be able to envelope a reader in wild adventures through foreign lands or entice them with tales of heartache. In this program, she is excited to expand her horizons, to push herself in order to grow, and to create outside of her comfort zone. Lissa also holds interest in film and its theory as well as being deeply entrenched in the world of modern dance.

About o l i v i a

Olivia is a writer and editor who seeks to see her subjects deeply and share their unique stories. Those subjects might range from a production of a play she's seen, to someone she's interviewed about their work and why they're passionate about it. The stories might take the form of an article or an essay. Olivia currently works in communications at an academic medical center, where she writes about the amazing and inspiring things that doctors, nurses, scientists, and others who work in the service of human health, do all day. In a previous life she was a journalist at a tabloid newspaper, where she occasionally wrote a headline that became "the wood." Someday Olivia would like to write a book. She feels immensely lucky to be part of the community that is Girls Write Now and to have spent time with Lissa Sangree-Calabrese, who herself is an inspiration and a wonder.

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