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Julissa and Miriam 

About j u l i s s a

Returning for her second year in the sixth season of Girls Write Now DMP, Julissa Nuñez is a contender and heavyweight champion in all things literary inspired. At seventeen years old, she is on the cusp of leaping onto a whole new ocean that is college life. Her love of the written word and quirky rhetorical devices has propelled her to explore various mediums of self expression. What she wants to leave behind this year is a multimedia recollection of her growth not only as a writer but as a young adult.

About m i r i a m

Miriam Sitz is the web editor of Architectural Record magazine in New York City. Formerly a freelance journalist in San Antonio, Texas, she wrote for the city's alt-weekly and business journal, a hyperlocal daily news website, and several statewide magazines. Miriam graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with her B.A. in 2010 and from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2015, where she focused on radio and digital journalism. A native Texan, she recently reported her way across the Southwestern U.S. with a photographer friend on a photography expedition called the Sunroof Roadshow.

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