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Gari and Christie 

About g a r i

Ana Margarita "Gari" De Ramos is a first-year mentee with Girls Write Now. As the daughter of two journalists, writing and reading have always been a part of her life. (She even self-published a chapter kid’s book called ‘Jewel Quest’ when she was eight. Totally casual.) The older and more focused on school she has become, the less time she spent on consistently harnessing her creative abilities. Gari joined GWN to help her get back on track to producing quality work in an outlet she loves while refining her skills. Her preferred writing styles and genres has evolved throughout the years, from adventure and fiction short stories, to opinionated articles or fiction pieces discussing today’s big issues. Gari's current passion is producing everything in an online video format, like her video blog, A Teen Talks News.

About c h r i s t i e

Christie Thompson is an investigative journalist with a focus on criminal justice, immigration and mental health. She currently works as a staff writer for The Marshall Project, a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to in-depth coverage of our criminal justice system. Her work has been published by outlets including NPR, ProPublica, The Atlantic, The Nation and Vice. This is her first year as a Girls Write Now mentor, and she's especially excited to nerd out about literary nonfiction with likeminded women.

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