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About A l e x

Alexandra McKenna, who prefers to be called Alex, lives and grew up in Norwood, the Bronx with her parents and two younger sisters. She currently is a senior at The Beacon School, near Times Square. This is her first year at Girls Write Now, and she looks forward to exploring more into writing vignettes and incorporating digital media into the classic art of writing. She has had a poem published in a collection of poetry in 2012 and was a finalist for the Teaching Matters Spoken Word Contest. She enjoys seeing and learning about the inter-connectedness of the world and how it works, as well as incorporating what she learns in the classroom to her everyday life.

About a i l e e n

Aileen Calderon is a copywriter/Creative Director who works at R/GA, a digital ad agency. She has over 15 years of experience and her work has been recognized by the One Show, Clios, Shortys and other award shows that no one outside the ad community has ever heard of. Originally from a small town outside of Boston, she currently lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and two cats. If she was 6 inches taller and had a better jump shot, she'd be a retired professional basketball player.

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