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A Young Girl's PowerAziaun Scott

A Young Girl's Power

by aziaun scott

About A Young Girl's Power

This spoken poem was created with intent to empower other young women, and confronting society's prejudiced beliefs. Inspired by my own juvenile experiences, the audio begins to discuss my transitioning from a child to a young adult, and what has or hasn't changed since my earlier years.


The process of creating this project was tough because I wasn't sure if my work would truly justify the standards young women have been expected to reach for so many years. The poem was also re written several times because poetry is not my strongest skill, so being able to write fluently and still deliver a message had been most challenging.

The time you felt the most powerful

I felt the most powerful in my writing when I had expressed issues within my school using satire, and the response received from my peers was so overwhelming that it encouraged me to make several more videos that I genuinely enjoyed creating. Since then I'd realized that my voice can be heard, no matter what the circumstances are. With videos being my platform, I can inform any and everyone without fear that I'd have to be censored.

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