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by anokha venugopal

About Miamiplasty

Miamiplasty is a short sitcom screenplay about what really goes on in the head of Dr. De Form Ed, one of the biggest plastic surgeons in Miami. Dr. De Form Ed may have altered his face as well, but all that plastic surgery isn't able to hide the doctor's self loathing. Having written a screenplay before, I felt like I was on solid ground with screenplay writing, and I was able to incorporate knowledge that I had previously learned.


My idea for Miamiplasty came from a small piece I had written on the train one day, about a despising plastic surgeon who, deep down, hated his patients. In Miamiplasty, the plastic surgeon doesn't just dislike his patients, but he secretly dislikes himself as well. At the Girls Write Now workshop for sitcom screenwriting, we reviewed several famous sitcom screenplays, such as the Office, and I was able to see what makes people laugh. I incorporated elements of dark humor and certain camera shots used in some sitcoms to create a piece that I hope readers can both laugh and cringe at.

The time you felt the most powerful

I feel most powerful with my mentor whenever we meet. Everytime Sara and I are together, we discuss future goals for the both of us. Sara is consistently informing me of different opportunities she has found that I'd be interested in, and always willing to share contacts with similar interests, like film. Sara is great at calming me down when I'm stressed about school work, and gives me a very hopeful look at the future.

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