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by anelie taveras

About S.

My project deals with personal experiences through images and poetry that I turned into song. This piece is something everyone can relate to — the lessons we take away from difficult experiences, such as those of heartbreak, that shape our character. Being that I have difficulties sharing my personal writing this piece challenged me as it tested my courage to put myself out there.


I wanted this piece to be as real —as raw—as it could possibly be. It was a grueling process as I dug through old photos and texts to include in the video that I paired with an audio version of two of my poems that I had turned into songs. This project required hours on-end of video editing and cutting audio together on YouTube's handy video editor. It was not an easy process but I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

The time you felt the most powerful

I feel the most powerful when I am expressing my personal feelings through my writing. But, I have always had a hard time showing it to others. When Kara and I meet to share our writing with one another I adopt a sense of confidence, feeling comfortable voicing my ideas—here I feel empowered. 

As a mentor, I felt powerful working on Anelie’s brilliant mockumentary idea. It dealt with the political climate at her school following the election, and it was so fun and inspiring to make something that embodied the feelings we share about the world right now. — Kara Freewind, Anelie's mentor

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